Nanshan Temple Buddhism Culture Park

The construction of Nanshan Temple Buddhism Culture Park began in 2007 and opened in January 2009. It is a Garden Buddhism cultural resort. It’s built in whole wood structure (all the pillars and beams of the temple are of all imported monomer wood), and in gold-plated sculpture. The temple is located on the mountain, magnificent, solemn, clean and elegant. There are 9.88 meters tall with a gold-plated statue of Shakyamuni Buddha, as well as the South China Sea Guanyin Bodhisattva, Maitreya Buddha, the Four Heavenly Kings and other Buddhist statues. The central axis of temple follows the system of general temples, followed by the Three Doors Hall, the Hall of Heavenly King and the Mahavira Hall. In 2013, a magnificent Sutra mansion was built behind the Mahavira Hall. The Buddha statue in the temple is dignified and stiffened, with a low brow and a detailed look, vivid and elegant. If you are interested, you can go to the temple, burn incense, pay homage to Buddha and give charity, or ask for a sign, untie the knot in your heart, wish yourself and your family peace and health.

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