Garden Water World

It is a large amusement park that combines adventure, excitement, entertainment and pleasure. At present, Garden Amusement Park consists of two parts: the water world and the large amusement park. The water world includes water amusement facilities such as wave pool, 18-meter wide trumpet, water fortress, sled barrel, rainbow slide, spa, children's pool, swimming pool, simulated beach, sunshine tea bar, etc. the large-scale amusement park includes space shuttle, 88m high sky wheel, rotating disco, double-decker luxury merry-go-round and other large-scale land amusement facilities. The organic combination and complementary advantages and interests of the amphibious two blocks make your participation and experience the utmost. The Garden Amusement Park is transformed from Mount Tai Park which is lush with trees, winding paths and various scenery, just like a natural big oxygen container where you can enjoy fresh air and the fun of vacation. In addition, the wonderful cultural programs will also help you appreciate the charm of art while reveling.

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