Chrysanthemum Festival

If you go to Dongyang Garden Village’ Blossom Garden now, you will be surprised to lose your chin.

Chrysanthemum could grow into this way.

The freehand brushwork modeling such as Welcomed by dragon and phoenix, Prosperity brought by the dragon and the phoenix, Pegasus totem, Peacock flaunting its tail, Achieve immediate victory, etc. makes people feel lucky;

The kids will love animals like dragons, phoenix, horses, cows, rabbits, peacocks and elephants, etc.;

There are also five-colored grass cultivated cranes, ancient fans, vases, water birds, chess, facial makeup and Pipa and other shapes, you must love plants from then on. The highpoint is this is chrysanthemum exhibition held once a year by the Garden Village, it is the fourth year - The Fourth Autumn Garden Village Chrysanthemum Cultural Tourism Festival! There are 200 thousand chrysanthemums, more than 600 varieties and more than 400 shapes. In addition to chrysanthemums, orchids, Jinhua fingered citron, yew, camellia, dendrobium candidum and so on also come together. A week-long potted flower exhibition in Blossom Garden Square held by Jinhua Flower Association is a big plant party.  

One village

Why can it make such a big move?

Garden Village is one of China's Top Ten Villages - last year, it ranked third in the comprehensive list of influential villages in China, next only to Huaxi Village and Dazhai Village.

The village is a scenic spot, a national 5A scenic spot, the scenic spot is the garden where all year round there are flowers feast: peony and Chinese herbaceous peony in spring, lotus and water lily in summer, sweet-scented osmanthus and chrysanthemum in autumn, plum blossoms and roses in winter.

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