Introduction to Garden Village Scenic Area

Introduction to Garden Village Scenic Area:

Garden Village Scenic Area is located in Dongyang City, Zhejiang Province, 16 kilometers away from the urban area. With rich tourism resources, it is a national AAA tourist attraction, an excellent international rural tourism destination in China, a national advanced grass-roots party organization, a “Red” education base for party members and cadres, a base for treatment and rehabilitation of employees and a base for activities of employees. It also has won China's Top Ten International Village, No. 1 Mahogany Furniture Village in China, China Tourism Featured Village, the Best Ecological and Cultural Tourism Destination of China along with many other national honors. It is the intangible cultural heritage tourism scenic area in Zhejiang province (folk custom villages), especially it has been set by the superior leadership as example of the modernization of rural areas in Zhejiang province and hailed as No. One Village in Zhejiang.

The main attractions in Garden Village Scenic Area include Lucky Lake, China Rural Museum, Amusement Park, Agricultural Sightseeing Park, Nanshan Temple, Outward Bound Base, Ancient Folk Customs Gallery, Blossom Garden, Mount Fu Scenic Spot, Mahogany Furniture City, Hu Guanjun Art Museum. It is also equipped with star-rated hotels and entertainment places such as Garden Mansion, Huajian Holiday Inn, Garden Hotel, Garden Entertainment City, etc. This is a tourist leisure destination with eating, living, traveling, shopping, and entertainment.

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